Import data

The easiest way to import data in Portfoleon is to paste the data from your spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

To do this, first prepare your data in a spreadsheet. Then open View All Items in Portfoleon, or prepare a Spreadsheet board. Go to your spreadsheet, copy all items, paste them to Portfoleon, and apply your changes.

Here are some common issues you might encounter and how to tackle them.

IssueHow to fix
Date formats are wrong

You can change your Portfoleon date format in your profile page. Click your user initial in the upper right corner, select Edit My Profile, and change your Locale.
Alternatively, you can change the date format in your source spreadsheet.

Item type missing

Every item in Portfoleon requires an item type to be specified. You can either add your item type (such as Project, Epic, or Task) in your source spreadsheet or specify it in the imported spreadsheet.

Missing list or tag values

Portfoleon will not automatically create new list or tag values. You will need to pre-create them in your fields.

Tag value separator is not recognized Portfoleon only recognizes comma as tag value separator. Please change your separator to comma in your source spreadsheet.

Once you have imported your data, you can create boards to show and work with the data.