Spreadsheet board

What you can do with spreadsheet boards

A Spreadsheet board represents the items in a form of one spreadsheet. Here are some scenarios that work particularly well with spreadsheet boards:

  • You need to quickly change a lot of items at the same time. For example, you can use a spreadsheet board to quickly update the status of all your projects. Or you can quickly paste new data from Excel or Microsoft Project.

  • You need to analyze past history. For example, you want to know which tasks were updated since last week.

  • You need to quickly filter items as you go through them. For example, you are reviewing a list of tasks assigned to several people and you want to filter them by each person at a time as your meeting goes.

Spreadsheet board controls

Spreadsheet boards allow you to use basic spreadsheet functionality:

  • Copying and pasting. Use your browser’s hotkey to copy or paste cell values.
  • Drag to fill. Drag a lower right corner of a cell in any direction to fill neighboring cells.
  • Sort and filter. Click the column header to sort or filter by that column.

Highlight changes

Right-click the spreadsheet and select “Compare against…” item from the menu. Enter the date and click OK. The board will highlight changes, which occurred since that date. Right click again and select “Stop comparison” to remove the highlight.

Excel / CSV export

Right-click the spreadsheet and select “Export…” item from the menu.

How to set up a spreadsheet board

Spreadsheet boards allow you to set up:

  • Cell color-coding;
  • Columns sizes, order, and visibility.

To set up color-coding click the settings button. Then select a field that you want to color-code, and define the color for each value.

To set up column sizes and order you can just drag column headers. If you have at least Edit rights in your portfolio, the board settings will be saved automatically for the next users. If you only have View rights, you will still be able to adjust the columns, however your adjustments will not be saved.
To show and hide columns you may either click on the column header button, or click Columns menu on the right of the spreadsheet.