Present your roadmap in the boardroom

The key to getting buy-in from senior management is to demonstrate feasibility, efficiency, and relevance of your plans to the strategic company goals.

Timeline Boards

Present your projects or epics on a timeline, color-code your cards, group them in lanes and sublanes. Some users liked our timeline so much that we decided to release it as a free standalone tool.

Free Timeline Tool

Spreadsheet boards

Make Excel- and Google Sheets-compatible spreadsheet boards to quickly edit your backlogs.

Kanban boards

Create interactive printable Kanban and crosstab boards to visualize your work progress and prioritization.

Pivot Table boards

Summarize your work information using pivot tables and charts, to analyze your portfolio priorities, workload, or risks.

Everything is a board in Portfoleon

Make boards to share eye-opening facts about your portfolio and communicate with impact

Use a risk-reward matrix to communicate your priority choices

Use Portfoleon to plot your projects on a single diagram where risks, benefits, and costs are clearly visible.

Visualize your product maintenance requirements

Explain where does the budget go and make a case for process improvements.

More presentation scenarios

  • Print your roadmap and display it on a wall where your stakeholders can see it every day
  • Use your roadmap to create visibility for remote teams
  • Bring your roadmap to the next meeting with your engineering team to communicate the high-level plan and get feedback

Make informed decisions, spot bottlenecks

Find bottlenecks early and take action. Reshuffle your projects and immediately see the effect of your actions on the work load.

Make a case to bring additional help if you need to move faster. A successful case for additional budget starts with a clear understanding of the business impact of the budget decision vs. that of delay or doing nothing. Make a case using the language of business, and make it visual with Portfoleon.

Use Pivot table boards

Find bottlenecks fast using pivot tables and take action.

Things to include in your business case

Portfoleon will help you prepare visual material to add weight to your story

Bottleneck visualization

Demonstrate where and why exactly you expect overloads, plan mitigation actions in advance.

Lean budgets overview

Make it clear who is doing what and take decisions.

Budget guardrails

Show budget limitations per innovation horizon. If you are using SAFe, learn how Portfoleon can help.

More resource analysis scenarios

  • Find out when is the best time to start working on the next project
  • Make cost-risk-benefit analysis of your portfolio
Portfoleon empowers teams to make decisions that matter, at the right time.

This is not reporting (although reporting is a part of it). This is not execution management (although execution management is a part of it).

Our portfolio management approach is simple and visual data representation, working with initiatives at all stages, working with incomplete data, and involving everyone.

Our users love us. Here’s what they have to say.

Portfoleon easily integrates into your IT infrastructure, working seamlessly with other software tools to streamline internal operations and transform the way you do business.

You can integrate Portfoleon using:

  • Native Zapier connector that enables 7no-code integration with hundreds of software systems;
  • Native Jira connector;
  • Integration REST API;
  • REST webhooks that invoke your backend systems.

Deployment diagram

Integrate the tools you already use

Portfoleon natively connects to Atlassian Jira, and uses integration API to connect to any other system you use. In addition, we launched a Zapier connector beta that will connect Portfoleon to thousands other systems.

Our customers love us

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