Resource allocations

Resource allocation

With Allocations you can associate your item resources (demand or provision) with categories or analytical dimensions.

For example, you can decide to analyze your items per market where the effort goes. You define your categories according to markets that you are serving:

  • Logistics and transport (LT);
  • Internet of things (IoT);
  • Manufacturing (M).

For each item you can now define a split-up between these categories. For example, your GPS positioning console can be related 70% to LT, 30% to IoT, and 0% to M. Now every effort planned on the GPS positioning console project will be allocated between LT and IoT. You will be able to summarize data for analytical dimensions using Pivot boards with Show allocation information turned on.

How to set up allocations

First define your analytical dimensions using the Categories screen.

Then assign percentages to your items using the Allocations screen.

How to analyze allocations

Use a Pivot board with allocations turned on to view the results.

Note that you will need to use the Show allocation information setting in your Pivot board.