Kanban board

What you can do with kanban boards

A Kanban board groups your items into columns and swimlanes. Kanban boards work well with scenarios like:

  • Tracking of project items execution status;
  • Grouping roadmap items into themes and releases and prioritizing by rank;

You can drag cards in the kanban board to update their fields like Theme or Release.

Here is an example of what you can achieve with a kanban board:

Kanban board controls

Drag an item to change its column or swimlane.

Drag an item vertically inside its swimlane to change the order.

Double click an item to open the editor form.

How to set up a kanban board

How to define swimlanes and columns

You can group your kanban items in columns and swimlanes.

To define your columns and swimlanes, please first click Settings, then select the field that you want to group on in the Column or Lane dropdown.

How to define a field for card order

You can use a custom field to represent the card order. If you do, Portfoleon will set this field value whenever you change cards order.

How to color-code cards

You can define card colors based on their field values. To set up color-coding, please first click Settings, then go to the Coloring tab, and define your color schema.