Configure automation rules

In Portfoleon you can define automation rules, which would fire when certain events occur and perform actions.

Each rule is structured like this:

When <Trigger> happens, do <Action> [for items <Filter>].

Trigger is an event that causes your rule to fire. Portfoleon supports the following triggers:

  • On change of an item field or of a whole item;
  • On publish of an item creation, change, or deletion;
  • Time-based triggers (daily, monthly).

Action is something that Portfoleon will perform when the trigger condition is met. Portfoleon can do one of the following actions for you:

  • Send an email to someone.
  • Change an item field.

Filter specifies the items for which the rule is going to apply.

For example, every week (trigger) you can send out a reminder email (action) for items, which have their status date older than seven days (filter). Here’s how to configure this rule in Portfoleon: