Introducing Portfoleon: A Product Roadmap Designed To Drive Efficiency

Introducing Portfoleon: A Product Roadmap Designed To Drive Efficiency

When it comes to the product roadmaps that companies use to stay on track, they are often just a mere picture or infographic that gets dropped into a PowerPoint presentation or laid out into an Excel spreadsheet. Rather quickly, these roadmaps become outdated, obsolete, or simply a wasted effort. With that in mind, Portfoleon is here to serve as a new type of product roadmap specifically designed to drive efficiency and remain effective throughout your product management efforts.

What Is Portfoleon?

Portfoleon is a lean and streamlined product roadmapping and project portfolio management software solution that helps businesses stay on top of their game. With clear and easily visualized timelines, business leaders and project managers are able to view the “big picture” of their projects in real-time, offering a dynamic viewing experience that beats out any old PowerPoint or Excel spreadsheet.

Now, with that in mind, how does Portfoleon leverage cloud technology?

While some businesses choose to use a project management system and another cloud software to make their roadmaps, is this realistically an achievable means for effective and efficient project management? Having a singular cloud-based system helps to ensure that everything is in the same place, and that users can view and update their information quickly for all to see.

This is something that Portfoleon has embraced, but the key differentiator between Portfoleon and other cloud-based product roadmapping systems is that it combines the roadmap information with integral insight related to execution and implementation phases and resources – all in a single space that can be updated and accessed in real-time.

Your product roadmap can be combined with resource information in one single view

Because Portfoleon allows you to define execution-related information, you’re continuously performing what we would call a “reality check.” You’ll think about how, when, and by whom your tasks will be executed, and this is what makes it more realistic. Your team will see the clear roadmap laid out before them, and there willl be no questions as to how you plan to achieve your goals.

How To Use A Roadmap & Ensure That Your Team Believes In It

At the end of the day, the success of your roadmap is going to come down to how much your team truly believes in its objectives. Do they believe that your goals are achievable? Do they believe they can meet the deadlines that you’ve set for them? With Portfoleon, you can set clear and defined goals and deadlines, with progress updates that are presented in real-time through a clear and easy to use interface.

From there, you can be sure that your team will remain motivated, committed, and energized than ever before to accomplish your goals and see each project through to completion. Essentially, Portfoleon is designed to help you make the most out of your team by keeping members informed, on their toes, and unified in their efforts.

It’s time to drive success all throughout your organization with a real product roadmapping and project management solution specifically built to leverage today’s technology. Want to learn more about Portfoleon? Visit our website today to learn all about our unique features.

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