Effortless Portfolio Planning

With Portfoleon you can quickly create, visualize, present and keep track of a strategic project portfolio plan. Effortlessly communicate your plans and roadmaps to the executive team, RnD, sales, marketing, and other teams in your organization.

Communicate your timelines

Create beautiful timelines and share them with CxO, teams, customers, and your fellow portfolio managers in a few clicks.

Single source of truth on the portfolio plans

Create unlimited timelines and programs based on a single project database. Once you update your project plans, every timeline will update itself automatically.

Portfolio baselines

While you are drafting out your plan updates, the teams and the customers will see the latest approved timeline. You can roll out all updates in one consistent transaction. Later, you will be able to see the complete history of how the plans evolved.

Resolve conflicts

Define project links and interdependencies, and detect scheduling conflicts to avoid unrealistic portfolio scenarios.

Collaborate with project managers

Your project managers can communicate their project updates directly in Portfoleon, but they can also work in Microsoft Project Server and Portfoleon will update all the timelines automatically.

Works on all platforms

Portfoleon is compatible with all major browsers, and the user interface is optimized for desktops, laptops and tablets.

Establish your project list

First, you create a project registry, or connect to your Microsoft Project Server. If you choose to import your projects from the Microsoft Project Server, they will remain connected after the import and will reflect any changes made in the Project Server. Of course, you can manually type your projects into Portfoleon, or you can copy-paste from Excel.

Define your project data

You can define as many fields as you want for your projects. Your new fields will immediately work as they should. You can search, filter, make diagrams, copy-paste from and to Microsoft Excel or Google Docs, using your custom fields.

Create grid views

Using the flexible saved search functionality you can create various data views for different purposes.
For example, you might be interested in projects where specific teams are involved, or in projects for a certain product line, a market or a program. Your resulting dataset will always stay connected to the data source, and will not become outdated.

Create timelines

You can visualize the projects you are interested in with a dynamic timeline diagram. In the same way as the Grid view, your diagrams will stay connected to the data source. Diagrams are made interactive, you can drag-and-drop any project to reschedule it to another timeslot or to assign it to another team. You can export the diagram to pdf to share a snapshot, or you can share a link so that your stakeholders always have an up-to-date picture. You can create as many visualization diagrams as you want, visualizing priorities, teams, markets, delivery times, customers - really, anything you like - and always stay connected.

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