Be always ready for executive meetings

Stop spending hours to create slides for a roadmap presentation to management! Pull the executive timeline from Portfoleon and instantly have the up-to-date representation of the roadmap. You can create an executive view like this in a matter of minutes in Portfoleon.

One roadmap, so many points of view!

Different stakeholders see your product portfolio roadmap differently. For example, your division managers can be interested to see projects per location. Instead of creating another slide for them, choose to show your roadmap with office swimlanes, and save it as a permanent view. When you update your projects, all views will automatically reflect the changes.

Enter data in a spreadsheet mode

You can edit the roadmap really fast in the table mode. Portfoleon also supports copying-and-pasting to and from Excel or Google Sheets.

Communicate your timelines

Create beautiful timelines and share them with CxO, teams, customers, and your fellow portfolio managers in a few clicks. Create portfolio year plans, program schedule diagrams, or product roadmaps.

Stay up-to-date

Your slides are outdated as soon as you publish them. In Portfoleon once you update your project plans, every timeline will update itself automatically.

Portfolio baselines

While you are drafting out your plan updates, the teams and the customers will see the latest approved timeline. You can roll out all updates in one consistent transaction. Later, you will be able to see the complete history of how the plans evolved.

Resolve conflicts *

Define project links and interdependencies, and detect scheduling conflicts to avoid unrealistic portfolio scenarios. *Coming soon.

Easy data entry

You can copy and paste to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, define timeline for a project using drag-and-drop, or drag a project to another swimlane to change a team or a priority.

Works on all platforms

Portfoleon is compatible with all major browsers, and the user interface is optimized for desktops, laptops and tablets.

Define your project data

You can define as many fields as you want for your projects. Your new fields will immediately work as they should. You can search, filter, make diagrams, copy-paste from and to Microsoft Excel or Google Docs, drag-and-drop, or autofill table cells.

Create grid views

Using the flexible saved search functionality you can create various data views for different purposes.
For example, you might be interested in projects where specific teams are involved, or in projects for a certain product line, a market or a program. Your resulting dataset will always stay connected to the data source, and will not become outdated.

Create timelines

You can visualize the projects you are interested in with a dynamic timeline diagram. In the same way as the Grid view, your diagrams will stay connected to the data source. Diagrams are made interactive, you can drag-and-drop any project to reschedule it to another timeslot or to assign it to another team. You can export the diagram to pdf to share a snapshot, or you can share a link so that your stakeholders always have an up-to-date picture. You can create as many visualization diagrams as you want, visualizing priorities, teams, markets, delivery times, customers - really, anything you like - and always stay connected.

Understand how your timeline evolved

You can go back in time to any moment to see the past state of the portfolio. You can see who and when made the changes to the timeline.

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